Portable Document Format (PDF) was created by Adobe System in 1993, for representing two-dimensional documents in a manner independent of the application software, hardware and operating system.PDF was officially released as an open standard on 1st July, 2008 and published as ISO32000-1:2008.
A standard format is needed for document sharing. PDF is the option with no alternate because Microsoft Office is expensive one (US $ 165) to an extent to mass community. Where PDF is free and every can use it.
But does it really free? How you can make a pdf document with the acrobat readers? For creating a one, you need Adobe acrobat writer/professional edition. Latest edition costs US $299 :D. Yah you can download many free software from the web to convert your document to pdf format. You can also download freeware to read your office doc. What’s the point of discussion then? Right you are :) with that freeware you can only view your doc; no editing or saving option. So you have to buy the software to make a word doc. That's why PDF is the best option for information transmission. Another important information, word doc can contain the macro virus :P
More latest versions are available on Adobe Acrobat site but they are too heavy in size. So, here I give you a stand-alone link to download Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.08.

MGT610 is going to launch its 1st mid-term exam on 13th October. A "must-take" course on upcoming years. Though its implication is still neglected in our country but the day is not too far when we will pay sky-scraping remuneration for a good Technology Manager. Who will work for effective management of technology and enhance the efficiency through R&D. Most importantly we need it to implement e-gov and e-com along with our RMG sector through technical amendment for efficient productivity (by not lowering the wages of labor)

Many people say there is no R&D Department in Bangladeshi Companies, except Pharmaceuticals. I am disagreeing. We are doing R&D but we don't know it. May be not like SONY or CASIO. But we are doing. I am now going to share my own experience of R&D in my Sweater Factory.

We call it "Design Department". They mainly develop new style for attracting the buyer. Besides this they also work with sample given by the buyer. If the style of the garment is critical then comes the R&D process. Already we developed some specific solution for nylon shedding problem, yarn weight problem, needle mark problem etc. All these are outcome of our R&D. We are investing lots of money for a well developed design section. They are completely engaged themselves to make our production efficient through technical alteration.
Big Garments group of our country also engaging R&D in Marketing Department, to attract the Buyer of different regions. Still we don't catch the market of JAPAN and AUSTRALIA yet.
But still there are room to improve in a large extent in our Technology Management part. Many handy machines are there which can be used as a support device with main machine; which will lead to a dramatic productivity improvement. Several things are like this, if you know the technology it can be done by selective initial investment rather than bear the curse of poor workmanship. 

Those who are interested in technology management can take a look at this site. http://www.jotmi.org
Those who are not interested,can at least take down the website address, may be tomorrow you need it. :)

Bye for now.     
After a countless attempt, I have started this Website & Blog. All credit goes to the weather actually. Today's uninterrupted heavy rain trapped me at home. Eventually, I missed today's feast at my village. However I tried to do some Tech activities, residing at my residence. As it has already started, I think it will flow along with its own path.


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