“Changing” is the only word constant in this uncertain world. To adapt this change and for sustaining in the uncertain world, an organization needs to innovate. A general thinking of innovation is creating some unique product and the sole responsibility is laid upon the R&D team of that organization. My idea of innovation in organization is something different. An innovation needs not to be a “product innovation”; it may be a process innovation or simply an innovative idea towards organization’s strategy. From this angle, innovation is the responsibility of the entire member in an organization not only the R&D team. Every person has a different identity and a way of thinking. Organization should provide adequate autonomy to each member to come up with his or her idea. Someone can come up with an idea of an innovative process that can be implemented in operation; someone can give simply an idea towards the organizational strategy which is innovative. An idea of a unique product may come to in mind through any of the members in the organization. The responsibilities of R&D team will boost-up upon receiving the innovative ideas. As they are expert on the research and development process, they will then do the research on viability of those innovative ideas and make an implementation plan to achieve those ideas in real. In case of strategy innovation, top managers inside the organization will sit together to find out the unique and optimistic piece from this and the way to execute it. So it is obvious that the development of innovation is not only the responsibility of the R&D team rather the whole organization needs to work towards innovation to sustain in current uncertain business environment.

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